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About the American Women Pageants:
Our pageant includes:
International Women of Service Pageant,
International Young Women of Service Pageant,
American Women of Service Pageants
Young American Women of Service Pageants
and the Executive Team

  • Who we are:

    • To empower women and girls of all ages to become the best version of themselves possible through scholarship pageants and service.

    • To encourage women who serve in their communities to share that love with others around them and inspire others to do the same.

    • To create a positive, encouraging, empowering sisterhood of women and girls who are interested in motivating others through community involvement and community service.

    • To promote a safe environment of kindness, honesty, respect, and inclusivity for all ages and in all areas of life.

    • International Women of Service, American Women of Service, and Young American Women of Service bring a unique pageant experience as it is part of a 501c-3 non-profit organization, Crossroads Youth Center. Through Crossroads Youth Center, we work to promote social awareness through our platform: The Crown CARES (Creating A Respectful Environment in Society).

    • International and American Women of Service Pageants, registered trademarks of Crossroads, accomplishes this by providing programs that are through entertainment and education in nature of scholarship pageants, summer camps, workshops, modeling, and seminars, and raising funds for college scholarships to support the future of young women. 

Deb and Jasmine photo.jpg

Jasmine DeRier joined Crossroads in 2011 as a contestant and soon became a local director for Crossroads. She had the vision for a pageant for women. Proposing her idea in 2016, the collaboration and American Women of Service Pageant began and has been going strong since, adding the Young American division in 2020. 

Pictured: left Jasmine DeRier and Right Deb Landry


Jasmine DeRier has been involved in pageantry for over 20 years in various capacities from the contestant, judge, auditor, pageant mom, state, and international director.  

Currently, she is one of the international executive directors of American Women of Service. 

Pageantry is a tool Jasmine has used to connect and impact communities and women across the nation. As the founder of American Women of Service, Jasmine's desire to promote community involvement, positive self-image, and strong self-esteem. Her greatest accomplishment in the world of pageantry was being named the 2014 MASP Director of the Year and earning the title of Ms. Maine Role Model in 2016 and of course, developing the AWOS organization.

She is an active executive Crossroads Board member and a member of the MASP advisory board. MASP awarded her the Director of the Year in 2013 & 2019 for outstanding service to the program and membership.

Jasmine has an Associates's Degree in Elementary Education and is self-employed as a full-time professional consultant and pageant director. She and the American Women of Service Pageant were named in the top ten best Mrs. Pageant in the US by Pageant Planet in 2016 and the best prize package in 2020. ​

Aside from pageantry, Jasmine enjoys volunteering in her community, travel, photography, continued education, and fitness. She especially enjoys spending as much time with family and friends, most importantly her husband and six young children. 

Deb Landry is the president, founder, and executive director of Bryson Taylor Inc. & Crossroads, a bestselling, award-winning author and the co-host of the Raising Cain Podcast. With over 40 years of experience in business administration, management, coaching, consulting, and publishing, Deb specializes in operational and organization management and earned certifications in professional coaching, parent coaching, wedding planning, event planning, design, professional image, and etiquette consulting. 
As a certified professional coach, she specializes in social awareness behaviors, personal growth, interview prep, professional development, and character education, focusing on developmental education to raise resilient and respectful youth. Over the past 20 years, she has added extensive pageant coaching experience. ​
As the co-founder, President-Chairman of the Board, and Executive Director of Crossroads Youth Center, a 501-c3 nonprofit scholarship, community art-based organization.
With recognition and several awards for her work, including the NYC Silver Book Award, Maine's Outstanding Women of the Year, Women of the Year, A Presidential Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Honorary, Rotary's Paul Harris Award, two National Director of the Year from two National pageant systems, Best in Pageantry Awards, and the STAR Community Service Award, Deb has been interviewed and featured on NBC, CBS, national radio, and several publications and podcast including The Phoenix, USA Weekend Magazine, Raising Maine Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Women's Day Magazine, and Child Magazine. 
Deb was named one of Maine's Outstanding Women in 2022 and has been honored annually since 2015 as one of the top 10 Best in the US by Pageant Planet and was awarded the 10 best award packages in the US for her State pageant.  For a full bio, visit, Twitter: @deblandry, Facebook, or contact her at

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