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Crown CARES - Creating A Respectful Environment in Society

 The Crown CARES - Creating a Respectful Environment in Society is our international pageant platform.  This is an extension of Crossroads youth program Crown CARES- Creating A Respectful Environment in Schools. The transition of this platform, from School to Society, is important. As we grow into adults, we can take the same principles of the program - Kindness, Respect, Inclusion, Love, Care, Courage, and Friendship, and put them to use in various outlets of our lives. As adults, we have the ability to influence our youth, teach our peers, and set an example as the ultimate role model.


The Crown CARES (Creating A Respectful Environment in Schools and Society) program is specifically designed for volunteers, pageant systems, and peer ambassadors who wish to promote awareness as a platform on the epidemic of bullying in schools, to cultivate a safe environment, and most importantly teach skills to develop social responsibility in school-age children, youth and teens and is modeled after the Unite Against Bullying Project.


Designed to raise awareness of positive social behaviors, bullying, and harassment prevention, and to give practical solutions, the easy how-to manual provided to the participants provides the general knowledge, research, resources, and practical advice necessary to incorporate steps and measures for your program to promote awareness of bullying prevention effectively, harassment and creating a safe school environment.


The Crown CARES program outlines the definition and simple solutions to the age-old problem of bullying. While there are no grandiose or magical explanations, intellectually understanding the importance of bullying prevention as well as developing and maintaining a program in or out of school is what will set you at the forefront of your competition and place you in a reputable place in your community. It is our responsibility as adults, community leaders, caretakers, and human beings to nurture the delicacy of our youth. We can only accomplish this by ongoing improvements and continuing education with the youth’s safety as the principal purpose.


Excerpts from this program were taken from the workbook, The Comfort Zone and by Meline Kevorkian, ED., Robin D’Antona, ED., and Deb Landry, Maines Best Practice Manual, and Sticks Stones and Stumped children’s book and workbook by Deb Landry, and the Unite Against Bullying Program by Deb Landry, published by Bryson Taylor Publishing. 

Authored by Deb Landry, the program is researched-based and is copyrighted. 

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